Heather Flood


How long you been a writer? All my life – well virtually – about

34 years!

What past experience do you have? I wrote for several magazines

in southern Spain in the 1980s and produced a children’s novel of my own

called Snowwhere in 2006

What 3 items would you take if you were stranded on a desert Island? The

Complete Works of Shakespeare, a big hair clip, a book of Sudoku puzzles.

What is one of your guilty pleasures? Cheese triangles on their


What is your most desired product? A huge amethyst ring

What is one thing a you can’t leave home without? A squirt

of Rive Gauche perfume

What is your favourite movie? Withnail and I

What is the best bargain you have ever bought? Next black trousers

from their outlet

What is one thing which annoys you? People who wear an item once

and chuck it – there are other less wasteful ways…

One person you most like to meet? Writer Sue Townsend of the

Adrian Mole books

If there is one thing you could change in the world what would it be?

End child slavery

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