Twin Screen Tablet Iconia by Acer

Feb 11th, 2011 | Category: Computers

Acer can be justifiably proud of ICONIA’s win, as the competition for this fan-favorite title is as fierce as it is fun. Each product nominated had to be one that the writers and readers of prominent Internet tech news and blogger sites throughout 2010 considered the most innovative, user-friendly and able to stand the test of time. Scores of original nominees were submitted before being whittled down, by popular vote, first to a preliminary 25 and then to the final 10 “left standing” just prior to the 2011Consumer Electronic Show, where the ultimate winner was selected today after a hilarious—and triumphant—live presentation by ICONIA’s advocates and promotional team.

“We are overjoyed by this result” explains Gianpiero Morbello, Corporate Vice President Marketing and Brand, Acer Group “The fact that ICONIA is largely appreciated means we have done our job well and we delivered a devices that provides a truly diffrent experience, at the same time innovative and user-friendly. Our experience with touch technology has allowed us to completely remap the user experience and create a far more natural interaction with our devices.”

During the finals all products nominated as a “last gadget’ are presented and demonstrated to a live CES audience. It’s become a tradition that each presentation be as creative, lively and funny as possible to stir up votes. So, going where “no laptop has gone before,” ICONIA’s own enthusiasticentourage described its many popular features using a Star Trek-inspired comedy skit that had the huge crowd roaring with laughter and impressed enough, indeed, to acclaim Acer’s newest product “out of this world” as the “Last Gadget Standing.”

Offering what Acer calls the “Absolute Touch Experience,” ICONIA makes it easy for consumers to discover new and immersive ways to view and interact with their favorite videos, photos, websites and movies. Compatible with Windows© 7 software and offering a unique visual experience, the ICONIA allows multimedia, entertainment, communication and even web pages to flow seamlessly across its 14-inch dual screens. A virtual keyboard is as close as the user’s fingertips and features a full-sized QWERTY layout, while something Acer calls the “Gesture Editor” enables users to create customized gestures that will instantly open applications or favorite websites with—literally—a wave of their hand.

Acer Ring

Ready for an all-point multi-touch experience?
Simply touch open the Acer Ring by placing five fingers on the screen and making a grab gesture
and scroll effortlessly through your favourite applications and features

Virtual Keyboard

Simply place both palms on the bottom screen and the virtual keyboard with a full-sized QWERTY layout, international language support and touchpad instantly appears, giving you the sameexperience of a traditional physical keyboard with the addition ofpredictive text input for natural-speed typing while avoiding mistakes.


ICONIA puts your social life in one place with SocialJogger.
Check updates from your Facebook®, YouTube® and Flickr® contacts in a single glance, using the dual screens to check posts and updates on the bottom display and the second display for exploring and viewing more content.

Gesture Editor

The built-in Gesture Editor is a simple and intuitive way to personalize your ICONIA, letting you set customized gestures to launch specific applications, open websites, view your desktop or even lock your computer.

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