disgo Tablet 6000

Feb 10th, 2011 | Category: Computers

The disgo Tablet 6000 is an affordable 7” Android device with full 1080p HD support and a HDMI port.

This lightweight, compact tablet has a bright high resolution display for watching movies and reading eBooks, and thanks to its fast 1GHz processor, graphics accelerator and 2GB internal memory, you can multitask on the move.

Giving you the features you need for less, the disgo Tablet 6000 provides one-touch access to Android SlideMe Market and lots of pre-installed applications, including You Tube, an eBook reader, a HD capable media player and the brilliant Skyfire web browser.
Tablet portrait
It has a headphone socket and two built-in speakers and comes with a 2GB MicroSD card, for even more storage space.

Features and benefits

  • 7” touch screen
  • Android 2.1 Operating System
  • Full HD video playback
  • Photo gallery
  • Music player
  • Skyfire browser with flash compatibility
  • iReader
  • Landscape/portrait functionality
  • Email, Contacts, Alarm clock
  • 2GB onboard storage and 2GB MicroSD card included

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