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Nokia X2 payg phone – now £49.95 @ Carphonewarehouse

   Posted By findmak 5 years, 0 months ago. |

Nokia X2 payg phone
The Nokia X2 is a stylish music phone that lets you enjoy your favourite tunes even more. This slim, compact phone has a brushed metal body and eye-catching streaks of colour. It sits snugly in your hand and looks as good as it feels to use. Make sure to invest in a screen protector to keep your new phone’s display free from scuffs, scratches and smudgy fingerprints.

The media controls built into X2’s sides work like the buttons on a portable music player, so you can control your tunes while your mobile is still in your pocket. Just plug in your favourite pair of headphones, or connect a wireless Bluetooth headset, and enjoy up to 27 hours of non-stop music playback.

Purchase a microSD card, up to 16GB, and you could store around 4,000 songs on your mobile phone – more than enough to keep your toes tapping on every ride to school or commute to work.

The built-in FM radio has its own integrated antennae; so there’s no need to plug in a headset when tuning into stations. You can even set your favourite radio station as an alarm clock.

You can go online via the X2’s EDGE internet connection and browse websites, check your email or enjoy instant messenger chats with friends. Facebook™ and Twitter™ are built right into the phone, for easy access to your friends’ status updates, tweets and wall posts.

Downloaded a great song onto your phone from the Ovi store? Why not share it with your favourite friends via Ovi Share, MMS or email? You can also transfer files between phones using Bluetooth®.

The powerful 5 Megapixel camera is great for capturing life’s great moments. It has an LED flash that sheds light on dark locations, for clearer night shots. There’s also a digital zoom for close up portraits, and a video recorder. You can upload your photos and videos to Facebook™ and Ovi Share.

With great music features and a stylish design, the Nokia X2 looks and sounds great. It’s an MP3 player, mobile phone, web browser and digital camera in one, and the perfect size to slip into your pocket and take with you everywhere. Keep your new phone safe with a reliable mobile phone case, which will prevent it from getting damaged between uses.

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