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Scalewizard – Electronic Water Conditioner – Save 29% – now £49.99 @ Maplin

   Posted By Bargain Bunty 5 years, 2 months ago. |

Scalewizard - Electronic Water ConditionerView Deal
Price Was: £69.99
Saving: £20.00 (29%)

Save £20.00
Includes free UK standard delivery
On promotion until October 4, 2010
Order Code: N68HF
Use voucher code: secret3
Voucher price: £46.99

* Prevents lime scale build up
* Removes existing scale
* Saves on energy and fuel costs
* Appliances last longer
* No hard scale on taps and basins
* One unit treats the whole house
* No chemicals/no plumbing
* Easy DIY fit
* Suitable for all types of pipes
* UK made
* Fitted with a 13A mains plug
* Costs less than 4 per year to run

Sixty percent of UK homes have hard water – basically calcium dissolved in the water. Calcium scale build-up blocks pipes, increases fuel bills (as your boiler wastes energy heating the scale) clogs shower heads, causes marks on taps and basins and makes washing machines and dishwashers work less efficiently or –even worse- breakdown entirely!

Just one Scalewizard electronic water conditioner is enough to treat your whole house. Scalewizard uses patented technology proven over 20 years to control scale build up and, unlike water softeners, adds no chemicals to your water. The health benefits and taste remain the same. Even better, within weeks you will see existing hard scale around taps should have softened enough to just wipe away. Existing scale in pipes, appliances and water cylinders should be reduced and new deposits are controlled leaving you with a more efficient water heating system and lower energy bills.

Simply plug Scalewizard into the nearest socket and for just 4 a year running cost it should provide complete maintenance free scale protection with a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

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